Monday, December 28, 2009

Haryati Mohd Isa, UiTM - Conception of Disputes Amongst Malaysian Quantity Surveyors

Haryati,M.I, Fadzil,H, Roshana,T, Zarina,I, Masnizan,C.M, Zulkefli,S (2010),”Vexing Issues of The Briefing Process in Design and Build Projects: A Case Study of The Construction of Public Hospitals in Malaysia”. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Construction in Developing Countries(ICCIDC-II), Cairo, Egypt, 3rd-5th August, [pdf]

Haryati, M.I., Fadzil, H., Roshana, T., Masnizan, C.M. and Zarina, I. (2010), How Adequate is Adequate? A Case of the Adequacy in Determining Client Requirements in the Construction of Four Public Hospitals in Malaysia. CIB2010 World Congress, Salford, United Kingdom, 10-13 May 2010. [pdf]

Haryati Mohd Isa, Padzil Hassan, Mohd Fisal Ishak and Othman Mohd Nor (2009) Conception of Disputes Amongst Malaysian Quantity Surveyors. RICS COBRA Research Conference, University of Cape Town, 10-11th September, pp 1568-1584 [pdf][pdf2][pdf3]

Haryati Mohd Isa and Mohd Fisal Ishak (2005). The evolution and perceptions of mediation in
resolving Malaysian construction disputes, 9th PAQS congress, 4-6 July 2005 Dhalian,
China Engineering Cost Association, 208-223.

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