Sunday, November 25, 2007

Supyan Hussin, UKM, PhD - Web-Based Language Learning Materials: A Challenge

Supyan Hussin and Ding Choo Ming (2004) Enhancing and Diversifying ATMA’s Databases to Ensure Sustainability. Sari, 22, pp 97-107. [pdf]

Supyan Hussin (2004) Web-Based Language Learning Materials: A Challenge. Internet Journal of e-Language Learning & Teaching, 1(1), January 2004, 31-42 [pdf]

Supyan Hussin, Nooreiny Maarof, and J. V. D'Cruz (2000) Sustaining an Interest in Learning English and Increasing the Motivation to Learn English: An Enrichment Program.3rd Malaysia International Conference for English Language Teaching, 15-17 May, Melaka, Malaysia. [html]

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