Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Azilah Saparon (2003) Motion Estimation

motion estimation, fast search methods, scanning order.

Saparon, A. and Grecos, C. (2003) A Vertical and Horizontal Scanning Order for Reducing the Computational Complexity in MPEG-2 Block Based Motion Estimation. ESC Division Research, Leicestershire (UK), Sept., 44-46. [PDF1] [PDF2]

Grecos, C., Saparon, A. and Chouliaras, V., (2004) ‘Three novel low complexity scanning orders for MPEG-2 full search motion estimation’, Real Time Imaging , 10 , February 2004, pp 53-65, ISBN 1077-2014 [PDF1]

Grecos, C. and Saparon, A., (2005) Robust Multiple-Initial-Point Prediction Algorithm for Fast Motion Estimation in the MPEG-2 Standard, Journal of Optical Engineering, SPIE , 443 , March, 1-4

Saparon, A., Grecos, C. and Jones, S.R. (2003) “A novel scanning order for fast elimination of candidate predictors in MPEG-2 block based Motion Estimation”, SPIE Electronic Imaging (Real Time Imaging VII), January 20-24, Santa Clara, CA,USA, pp. 71-74, ISBN 0-8194-4812-5.

C. Grecos and A.Saparon, (2003) “Speeding up the optimisation of the Rate Distortion Performance in MPEG-2 video coding through quantizer loop parameterisation”, SPIE Electronic Imaging (Image and Video Communications and Processing) , January 20-24, Santa Clara, CA, USA, pp. 284-288, ISBN 0-8194-4822-2.

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