Friday, February 17, 2006

Rahinah Ibrahim and Mark Nissen (2005)

Discontinuous membership, dynamic knowledge flows, knowledge management, information processing, and organizational performance.

Rahinah Ibrahim and Mark Nissen, Discontinuity in Organizations: Developing a Knowledge-Based Organizational Performance Model for Discontinuous Membership, Working Paper (WP 0020), Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects (CRGP),Stanford University. [PDF1]

Rahinah Ibrahim and Mark E. Nissen (2003) 'Emerging Technology to Model Dynamic Knowledge Creation and Flow among Construction Industry Stakeholders During the Critical Feasibility-Entitlements Phase', presented at the 4th Joint International Symposium on Information Technology in Civil Engineering in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rahinah Ibrahim and Boyd Paulson (2005) 'Discontinuity in Organizations: How Environmental Characteristics contribute to the project's Knowledge Loss Phenomenon' . Working Paper (WP 0012), Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects (CRGP),Stanford University.

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