Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mohamad Syazli Fathi, UTM - Context Awareness in Construction Management

Mohamad Syazli Fathi - Context-Aware Information System (C-aIS)

Mohamad Syazli Fathi, Chimay Anumba, Patricia Carrillo (2006) Context Awareness in Construction Management - Key Issues & Enabling Technologies. The Joint International Conference on Construction Culture, Innovation and Management (CCIM), The British University in Dubai, UAE, pp 118 [pdf]

Fathi, M. S., Anumba, C. J., Carrillo, P. & Aziz, Z. (2007) Construction Programme Management - Current Context. In Garvin, M., Edum-Fotwe, F. & Chinowsky, P. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 2007 ASCE/CIB Construction Research Congress. Grand Bahama Island, Academic Event Planners. [pdf]

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